• COVID-19 in the Netherlands: tracking its spread

    Cases of COVID-19 in the Netherlands and across Europe are increasing again. So far, the rising numbers received surprisingly little media attention. Only in the last day or two, major news outlets started to focus again on the pandemic. Ever since the Dutch public health institute, RIVM, scrapped the daily reports, the public seems to […]

Potentially the most consequential weather forecast in modern European history?

Europe should brace for a very cold winter with little wind or rain, meteorologists tell @alicemhancock, in a grim warning for the continent’s energy crisis

https://www.ft.com/content/918c604a-e087-4137-911d-1b7f98f4e670 @FinancialTimes

Looking for a job looking into international climate policy, major emitting countries, how to meet the Paris Agreement and climate justice. Please join us at the IMAGE team at @nlenvironagency and be part of the ELEVATE project. https://www.werkenvoornederland.nl/vacatures/junior-researcher-international-climate-policy-analysis-PBL-2022-0043#0

Today’s sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines resulted in a substantial release of methane to the atmosphere. Initial estimates suggest ~115,000 tons CH4 from Nord Stream 2, amounting to ~3.2 million tons CO2-eq (GWP100). Possibly double this when accounting for NS1.

📢 NEW: We’ve launched 3️⃣ new reports on pathways to phase out North Sea #oilandgas production in the UK, Norway & Denmark 👉 https://bit.ly/OGTScenarios

Governments need to urgently come up with realistic plans to accelerate a #JustTransition.

A 🧵with challenges & opportunities⤵

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